Urban Seas Aquaculture is an indoor, environmentally sustainable shrimp farm.

Our business has come forth in response to the growing demand for fresh, high quality shrimp grown in a sustainable way. Litopenaeus vannamei, Pacific White Shrimp, are grown in an indoor, fully recirculating tank, minimal-waste system. This sustainable method means fresh, clean, and tender shrimp will be sold year-round in Greenville, SC!

There are only two shrimping seasons in the U.S., meaning that about six months out of the year the shrimp you are eating is either imported or farm-raised. These farms destroy mangrove forests, which are essential habitats to many fish species, and leach chemicals and shrimp excrement out into the ocean.

Shrimp that are caught in the open ocean are generally caught using the otter trawl. This is essentially a giant bulldozer that scrapes the seafloor, killing the benthic habitat in search for shrimp. While this trawl does indeed catch millions of shrimp, it also catches several other marine organisms that are then thrown away as trash. When open sea trawling, up to 15 pounds of wild fish are regularly killed to bring one pound of shrimp to the market.

Our Product:

Litopenaeus vannamei (Pacific White Shrimp)

Head and shell on

21-24 count

$16.00 (with tax) a pound

Why Head-on?  We sell head-on shrimp to insure peak freshness. Shrimp start to go bad within 48 hours if their head is still attached. Thus, you can be sure the shrimp you are buying from us is harvested within 48 hours! Please be sure, however, to remove the head if you don't plan on cooking your shrimp immediately. After the head is removed you may freeze your shrimp for up to 3 months, or refrigerate for up to 4 days.

What about their vein? Our shrimp come with their vein (intestine) still in, but unlike your typical wild shrimp the vein in our shrimp won't have that gritty, funky taste. This is from wild shrimp shifting through sand in order to reach their food. Since our shrimp are grown in a sand and rubble free environment, the vein will simply be a darker version of their meaty flesh.

What about any added chemicals or antibiotics? No! Our shrimp are fed a natural diet consisting of algae and natural protein and no artificial additives are added to our systems. You will only be purchasing a clean, fresh tasting product from us.