Equipment for sale or donation

We have outgrown some of our equipment and are looking to sell some of it and donate some of it. If you are interested in any of the items below please send me an email at and I would be glad to provide some pictures and more information. Thanks!


1000 gallon tank

quantity: 5

price: best offer

Condition: one year old with some rust on rim


1.5HP Regenerative Blower

quantity: 1

price: $250.00

condition: 3 years old with some rust along out ports


90 gallon tank

quantity: 2

price: $100.00

condition: 3 years old. like new


55 gallon settling chamber

quantity: 2

price: $200.00

quality: one year old, homemade. works great as a setting vessel for solids!


Rubber Mats

Size: 4ft by 10ft. 1/4” thick

Price: $30 per mat

Quantity: 15


Submersible Heaters

400 Watt, 15” length

Quantity: 15

Price: Best offer


New Year, New Beginnings

Exciting things are happening for Urban Seas this year! We are in the process of restructuring our business to focus more on consulting and sustainable fisheries education. Unfortunately, this means we will no longer be selling our shrimp for local consumption. We are immensely grateful for all of the positive feedback and support from all of our customers.

 When we first started Urban Seas, I knew all along I was going to give Urban Seas a three year timeline to succeed. After three years, the plan was always to readjust and either go big; purchasing (or building) our own facility and go all in, or to change direction. We are two and a half years into Urban Seas and while I can confidently say it has been a success (we have sold out every harvest, helped educate consumers on sustainable seafood, and brought awareness to aquaculture), we are maximizing out our space and our equipment and thus the time has come to rethink our approach. 

We will still be open to consulting: helping other entrepreneurs navigate their way into starting a biofloc facility of their own. We are also still involved in sustainable seafood education, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for lectures, guides on being more seafood savvy, or any questions you may have about aquaculture in general!